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3D Printing Industry Economic Outlook: Most 3D Printing Leaders Expect A Positive Outlook for 2024


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In January 2024, Antarctic Bear learned that a new survey of the 3D printing industry revealed that while many headlines and social media predicted the "pessimistic fate" of additive manufacturing, the economic reality in the eyes of industry insiders seemed somewhat different (a total of 120 3D printing industry leaders and experts provided information). The 2024 3D Printing Industry Executive Survey shows that the majority of 3D printing leaders expect a positive internal and external business environment for additive manufacturing in 2024.

The 3D PRINTING INDUSTRY's annual survey of executives and leaders in the additive manufacturing industry asks about economic expectations for the 3D printing industry. C-level executives, founders, presidents, executive directors, owners, analysts and investors all responded. The survey asked the leaders about their views on general business conditions, macroeconomic factors and the state of internal operations. The survey results were generally positive, with 62 percent in particular having a positive view of external conditions and 68 percent viewing internal business conditions as favorable or very favorable.

Business status of 3D printing industry in 2024

This issue refers to external factors and influences, including macroeconomic factors, market conditions, and regulatory, political, legal, and social factors. 3D printing leaders assessed the upcoming business conditions for 2024 and the recently ended year, and the figure below summarizes the results for 2023.


2024 3DPI Executive Survey - State of Business 2023

Industry leaders' confidence in the business environment has increased, from 49% positive in 2023 to 62% who view external macroeconomic factors, market conditions, regulatory, political, legal and social factors as favorable in 2024. Confidence increases 27% by 2023. The number of respondents with a neutral view increased by 13%, while the total number of 3D printing industry executives with a negative view of business conditions in 2024 fell by 60%.


△ 3DPI Executive Survey 2024 - State of Business in 2024

In terms of business conditions (this question refers to factors and influences within the enterprise), according to the 3D printing industry Executive Survey, optimism about business conditions is on the rise, with 56% of 3D printing industry leaders expecting a favorable internal environment in the coming year.


2024 3DPI Executive Survey - State of Operations in 2024

This general optimism must be tempered by a slight decline in the number of executives expecting a very favorable year, which fell to 11.9% in 2024. The percentage of 3D printing industry executives with a negative view of 2024 fell by 80%, with only 3% of executives surveyed expecting 2024 to be an unfavorable or very unfavorable year. The majority (54%) view their organization's operations in 2023 as positive; This view has grown, with 68% of leaders saying 2024 will be good or very good for their companies.


△3DPI Executive Survey 2024 - Operating conditions 2023

The 3D printing industry is optimistic about 2024

The results may seem unexpected. The tone initially seemed at odds with the tone commonly found in social media posts, or even in regular CEO-led investor calls, where listeners have become accustomed to the repeated use of the phrase "macroeconomic headwinds" to justify lackluster financial performance. This inconsistency is largely due to investor conference calls becoming scripted and very general. "Macroeconomic headwinds" can generally be likened to movements in stock prices due to the combined activity of buyers and sellers, an assessment that is real but vague and offers no insight. Most 3D printing businesses are also in private hands and are not subject to the public reporting requirements of listed entities

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