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  • 3D Printed Electronic Skin - Human-computer Interaction
    On January 29, 2024, the Antarctic Bear learned that researchers at Texas A&M University (TAMU) have successfully developed a 3D printed electronic skin (E-skin) using a nanoengineered hydrogel with adjustable electronics and thermal biosensing. The electronic skin can bend and stretch freely like human skin, and has sensory functions. Read More
  • 3D Printing Industry Economic Outlook: Most 3D Printing Leaders Expect A Positive Outlook for 2024
    The results may seem unexpected. The tone initially seemed at odds with the tone commonly found in social media posts, or even in regular CEO-led investor calls, where listeners have become accustomed to the repeated use of the phrase "macroeconomic headwinds" to justify lackluster financial performance. This inconsistency is largely due to investor conference calls becoming scripted and very general. "Macroeconomic headwinds" can generally be likened to movements in stock prices due to the combined activity of buyers and sellers, an assessment that is real but vague and offers no insight. Most 3D printing businesses are also in private hands and are not subject to the public reporting requirements of listed entities Read More
  • Wirelessly Powered 3D Printed Bio-hybrid Robot
    Biomimetic soft robot is a research subject with broad application prospect because of its excellent characteristics such as autonomous energy supply, high energy conversion rate and self-repair. Combining flexible electronic device set with life-like bionic robot to form bio-hybrid softa team of researchers at Harvard Medical School has developed a wirelessly powered biohybrid soft robot. The team used 3D printing to construct multiple layers of a foldable, biocompatible scaffold on a flexible wireless power supply and control circuit, and then inoculated cardiomyocytes onto the scaffold. The circuit receives electrical energy through the wireless coil and transmits it to the stimulation circuit to stimulate the cardiomyocytes. Since the wireless circuit is integrated into the bio-hybrid robot, the robot's underwater mobility is not constrained by the wires. robot can c Read More
  • Room Temperature Metal 3D Printing Technology
    3D printing technology brings advantages such as flexibility, performance optimization, reduced lead time and sustainability to the design. However, one of the biggest challenges currently facing the technology is its inability to meet the needs of high-volume applications. While plastic 3D printing technology has had some success in high-volume manufacturing, the success of metal printing technology has been limited. Read More
  • Using 3D Printing Technology To Make Three-dimensional Oracle Characters
    The heat of traditional culture continues to heat up, and oracle bone scripts are getting more and more attention. Niu Nan, who has been engaged in surveying and mapping for more than ten years, switched to the field of 3D printing at the age of 34 to explore the integration of Chinese characters and 3D printing technology. Niu Nan thinks the process of using 3D printing technology to make three-dimensional oracle characters is very interesting, "this is the career I am looking for." Let more people appreciate the cultural heritage of Oracle, is the direction of Niu Nan's efforts. "Che" is the first three-dimensional character on oracle bone inscriptions made by him with 3D printing technology. He put together the characters of oracle bone inscriptions, gold characters, seal characters and song typefaces to make a video of the shape evolution, which became popular after it was posted online. Many netizens commented that "thousands of years of history suddenly flashed through Read More
  • Robot-Assisted Surgery And 3D Printed Models
    Using 3D printed simulation models and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance robotic surgical training emphasizes the advantages of 3D printing models in the field of robot-assisted surgery, which will contribute to improving clinical applications. The field of robot-assisted surgery has experienced exponential growth. For example, the usage of da Vinci Surgical System has significantly increased over the past decade, highlighting the importance of training in robot-assisted surgical procedures. Robot-assisted surgery has become synonymous with minimally invasive surgery Read More
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