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  • Using 3D Printing Technology To Make Three-dimensional Oracle Characters
    The heat of traditional culture continues to heat up, and oracle bone scripts are getting more and more attention. Niu Nan, who has been engaged in surveying and mapping for more than ten years, switched to the field of 3D printing at the age of 34 to explore the integration of Chinese characters and 3D printing technology. Niu Nan thinks the process of using 3D printing technology to make three-dimensional oracle characters is very interesting, "this is the career I am looking for." Let more people appreciate the cultural heritage of Oracle, is the direction of Niu Nan's efforts. "Che" is the first three-dimensional character on oracle bone inscriptions made by him with 3D printing technology. He put together the characters of oracle bone inscriptions, gold characters, seal characters and song typefaces to make a video of the shape evolution, which became popular after it was posted online. Many netizens commented that "thousands of years of history suddenly flashed through Read More
  • L3HARRIS Tests The Durability And Performance of Materials Aboard The International Space Station
    L3Harris said that before 3D printed materials can be used in spacecraft components, they must be fully tested to ensure that they are resistant to the harsh environment of low Earth orbit (LEO). L3Harris has launched a project to test 3D-printed radio frequency (RF) circuits and various material samples on SpaceX's 27th Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) mission. The move follows an experiment conducted on the International Space Station in 2021, which provided valuable data over a period of two months. L3Harris is expanding its materials testing range to include photonic materials for photonic integrated circuits, a technology similar to computer chips but using light instead of electrons. Read More
  • Forbes: China's 3D Printing Industry Is One of The Fastest Growing in The World
    In 2023, China's leading metal 3D printer manufacturer Platit (BLT) announced a 34% increase in revenue over the previous year, while the increasing number of configurable lasers for metal 3D printers produced in China should arouse more interest from global manufacturers.In fact, China is catching Read More
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    3D printing technology has great potential in the medical field. It can be used to create personalised medical devices, implants, prostheses and artificial limbs, tailored to the patient's body structure to provide better fit and comfort. In addition, 3D printing can be used for bioprinting, such as Read More

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