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  • 3D Printing Industry Economic Outlook: Most 3D Printing Leaders Expect A Positive Outlook for 2024
    The results may seem unexpected. The tone initially seemed at odds with the tone commonly found in social media posts, or even in regular CEO-led investor calls, where listeners have become accustomed to the repeated use of the phrase "macroeconomic headwinds" to justify lackluster financial performance. This inconsistency is largely due to investor conference calls becoming scripted and very general. "Macroeconomic headwinds" can generally be likened to movements in stock prices due to the combined activity of buyers and sellers, an assessment that is real but vague and offers no insight. Most 3D printing businesses are also in private hands and are not subject to the public reporting requirements of listed entities Read More
  • Room Temperature Metal 3D Printing Technology
    3D printing technology brings advantages such as flexibility, performance optimization, reduced lead time and sustainability to the design. However, one of the biggest challenges currently facing the technology is its inability to meet the needs of high-volume applications. While plastic 3D printing technology has had some success in high-volume manufacturing, the success of metal printing technology has been limited. Read More
  • NASA Will Conduct 3D Printing Experiments on The International Space Station
    On January 19, 2024, Antarctic Bear learned that the Cygnus cargo spacecraft mission at the end of this month will carry out a 3D printing experiment from the European Space Agency (ESA) on the International Space Station (ISS), which is an important study for the verification of 3D printing capabilities in space. Read More
  • Thermal Behavior And Control of 316 L Stainless Steel Multi-rail Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process
    Contributors: Cao Fusheng, Lu ZhongliangContributed by: State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Manufacturing System EngineeringSource: Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering Additive Manufacturing Technology (3D printing) BranchIn the study of thermal behavior, physical experiments are largely limite Read More
  • Stratasys Will Transport 3D Printed Parts To The Moon for Space Experiments
    Stratasys will transport 3D printed parts to the moon for space experiments Read More
  • BIO INX And Rousselot Collaborate To Develop Gelatin Ink Materials To Advance Clinical Applications of 3D Bioprinting
    As part of this collaboration, BIO INX will distribute Rossello's research and technology-grade X-Pure gelatin biomaterial, which is known for its quality and reliability. The X-Pure gelatin line will be seamlessly integrated into BOn March 14, 2024, BIO INX, a developer of 3D bioprinting materials, announced a strategic partnership with Rousselot, a global leader in gelatin and collagen solutions, to bring 3D bioprinting technology closer to the clinic.IO INX's products, making these cutting-edge materials available to Read More
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