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BIO INX And Rousselot Collaborate To Develop Gelatin Ink Materials To Advance Clinical Applications of 3D Bioprinting


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As part of this collaboration, BIO INX will distribute Rossello's research and technology-grade X-Pure gelatin biomaterial, which is known for its quality and reliability. The X-Pure gelatin line will be seamlessly integrated into BIO INX's products, making these cutting-edge materials available to researchers and scholars around the world through BIO INX's online store.

The partnership goes beyond mere distribution, with BIO INX launching an innovative product, an X-Pure version of its famous extruded bio-ink GEL-MA INX. This pioneering bioink, produced in collaboration with Rousselot, is the first step towards GPM-like gelatin-based bioinks capable of printing structures in a simple way in the presence of living cells. This development is in line with BIO INX's mission to build bioprinting turnkey engineering. By improving repeatability and standardization, while adhering to higher quality requirements, it represents a significant advance in bringing 3D bioprinting technology one step further into the clinic.

This collaboration builds on the long-standing relationship between BIO INX and Rossello. In other words, BIO INX, a spin-off company from Ghent University's Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Group, started 25 years ago under the supervision of Professor Etienne Schacht. The original Gelatin Methacryloyl (GEL-MA) was developed and patented using Rousselot gelatin. Currently, the research team is co-led by Professor Sandra Van Vlierberghe, one of the co-founders of BIOINX.

Professor Sandra Van Vlierberghe commented: "Since GEL-MA was first published in 2000, this material has grown in popularity, becoming one of the reference materials for tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting research worldwide. Now, the collaboration with Rossello also adds repeatability to the mix. Increased standardization and quality are the missing links to bring these materials from academic research to real-life applications."


Jasper Van Hoorick, CEO of BIO INX, commented: "This collaboration represents the result of many years of shared vision and innovation by BIO INX and Rousselot to improve the standardization and quality of tissue engineered and 3D bioprinted biomaterials. By integrating Rossello's X-Pure gelatin biomaterials into our portfolio and introducing GPM-like bioinks, we are not only improving our 3D bioprinting capabilities, but also further consolidating our roots and the pioneering work of the former Ghent Research Group."

In addition, the collaboration significantly enhances the Ghent region's expertise in gelatin and gelatin products. It turns out that the synergies between BIO INX, a leader in high-resolution 3D bioprinted biomaterials, and Rousselot, a global leader in gelatin products, are greater than the sum of their parts. The collaboration aims to enhance the region's long tradition of excellence in gelatin expertise.

TanjaVervust, Global Director of Rousselot Biomedicine, said: "Partnering with BIO INX to provide an online purchase process simplifies the ordering process and provides high-quality gelatin, which is essential for tissue engineering and biofufacturing projects. Rousselot's research-grade X-Pure gelatin is functionally equivalent to GMP grade gelatin, helping to reduce development variability and facilitate the transition to clinical applications."

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