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DLP 3d Printing for Transparent Small Disc

Higher contrast, darker black, and more transparent white.
Display real colors, able to handle finer lines and clearer text.
  • YX-42


Product Description for 3D Printing DLP Printing Transparent Small Disc

Brand Name: 3D SHAPING

Introducing our 3D Printing DLP Printing Transparent Small Disc, designed to deliver exceptional clarity and precision. Manufactured by 3D SHAPING, a leader in the industry, this product exemplifies the pinnacle of custom 3D printing services.

Our transparent small discs are produced using advanced professional DLP 3D printing technology, ensuring higher contrast, darker blacks, and more transparent whites. This allows for the display of real colors and the handling of finer lines and clearer text with remarkable accuracy.

Key Features:

  1. High Output Clarity:

    • The output clarity is exceptionally high, providing excellent results even under direct sunlight.

  2. Longer Service Life:

    • Our discs offer a longer service life, extended maintenance intervals, and higher reliability compared to traditional methods.

  3. High Degree of Automation:

    • The forming process is highly automated, reducing manual intervention and increasing efficiency.

  4. High Dimensional Accuracy:

    • Achieve precise dimensions with every print, making it ideal for applications requiring tight tolerances.

  5. Superior Surface Quality:

    • Enjoy smooth surfaces that require minimal post-processing.

  6. High System Resolution:

    • Our system boasts high resolution capabilities, ensuring detailed and accurate prints.

  7. Versatile Applications:

    • Capable of directly producing lost foam molds with hollow structures for investment casting.

    • The prototypes produced can replace plastic parts to some extent.

By leveraging our state-of-the-art DLP 3D printing services, you can create transparent small discs that meet your exact specifications. Our use of high-quality DLP resin ensures durability and performance in various conditions.

Experience the benefits of our cutting-edge technology through our comprehensive range of services:

  • Custom 3D Printing Services: Tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

  • Professional DLP 3D Printing: High-quality prints with exceptional detail and clarity.

  • DLP 3D Printing Services: Reliable and efficient production processes using advanced materials like DLP resin.

Choose 3D SHAPING for your next project involving transparent small discs and benefit from our expertise in delivering top-notch products through innovative technology. Trust us to provide you with reliable solutions that enhance your project's success with precision and excellence in every print.


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3D SHAPING is one of the leading rapid prototyping experts in China.

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