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FDM 3D Printing Service PLA Material FDM Process Owl

​3D printing service uses PLA (polylactic acid) material and employs FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology for printing.
With FDM 3D printing service using PLA material during the process, various types and forms of products or sculptures can be created.

FDM 3D printing service refers to the provision of 3D printing services to customers using FDM technology. FDM is a common 3D printing technique that creates objects by heating plastic filament to a molten state, extruding it, and layering it gradually. 

-PLA material is a biodegradable plastic made from natural resources such as plant starch. It has characteristics like low toxicity, odorlessness, and ease of processing, making it widely used in 3D printing. For example, PLA can be used to create toys, decorations, and prototype models. 

-FDM technology involves melting deposition modeling or extrusion-based molding. This technique utilizes heated plastic filament being extruded through a nozzle and solidifying layer by layer on a build platform to create three-dimensional objects. Compared to other methods, FDM offers advantages of lower cost and higher speed. 


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