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M120 SLM Metal Printer

  • M120

M120 SLM Metal Printer

Introducing our Metal 3D Printer, a cutting-edge solution for manufacturing complex metal components. With its advanced technology, this printer is capable of producing intricate metal parts such as engine components and aerospace structures.

One of the key advantages of our Metal 3D Printer is its ability to create lightweight yet high-strength automotive parts. From engine brackets to body structural components, this printer can deliver components that are both durable and efficient.

                                                               Key attributes
Industry-specific attributes
Production Capacity
120mm*100mmH circular
Year 2024
Forming size 140mm*100mmH circular, 120mm*120mm*100mm
Other attributes

Place of Origin

Application Industrial
Features 3D printer,High performance industrial laser

generator, Economical,Laser

Molding Technology SLM

Applicable Industries

Printing Shops,Construction works ,Advertising

Company,3D Printing,CNC MACHINING,3D

consumable material, resin material

Weight 100 KG
Key Selling Points High Performance
Brand Name 3D SHAPING
Dimension(L*W*H) 1.4M*1.4M*3M

4In the medical field, our Metal 3D Printer offers unparalleled precision and customization. It can produce highly accurate and personalized medical instruments and implants, including dental and orthopedic implants. This ensures a perfect fit and improved patient outcomes.

The applications of our Metal 3D Printer extend beyond automotive and medical industries. It finds extensive use in aerospace, where it contributes to the production of critical components for aircraft and spacecraft.
With its professional-grade performance and versatility, our Metal 3D Printer is revolutionizing manufacturing processes across various industries. Experience the power of additive manufacturing and unlock new possibilities with our state-of-the-art Metal 3D Printer.



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