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Using 3D Printing Technology To Make Three-dimensional Oracle Characters


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"I first design by computer, combine two, three or more Chinese characters into a whole, and then use 3D printing technology to produce it. Using auxiliary effects such as rotation and light and shadow, you can see different texts from different angles." Niu Nan told reporters.

"Three-dimensional characters on oracle bone inscriptions can let the public feel the continuity of Chinese characters and the continuity of Chinese civilization." In the past three years of making three-dimensional characters on oracle bones, Niu Nan has felt more and more strongly the bond role of Chinese characters in maintaining the emotions of Chinese children. "Many overseas Chinese have also contacted me to make their names into multidimensional characters, and I am busy every day." Niu Nan said.

Seeing that his works are loved by more and more netizens, Niu Nan is more confident in his choice. The digital age has brought more opportunities for cultural inheritance, and 3D printing has made Oracle's expression more diverse and more dynamic. Niu Nan hopes to combine landmark buildings with oracle bone inscriptions, and introduce the history and culture contained in Chinese characters to more people with 3D printing technology, so that Chinese characters, the treasure of Chinese civilization, will shine forever.

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