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  • BIO INX And Rousselot Collaborate To Develop Gelatin Ink Materials To Advance Clinical Applications of 3D Bioprinting


    As part of this collaboration, BIO INX will distribute Rossello's research and technology-grade X-Pure gelatin biomaterial, which is known for its quality and reliability. The X-Pure gelatin line will be seamlessly integrated into BOn March 14, 2024, BIO INX, a developer of 3D bioprinting materials, announced a strategic partnership with Rousselot, a global leader in gelatin and collagen solutions, to bring 3D bioprinting technology closer to the clinic.IO INX's products, making these cutting-edge materials available to Read More
  • Stratasys Will Transport 3D Printed Parts To The Moon for Space Experiments


    Stratasys will transport 3D printed parts to the moon for space experiments Read More
  • Wirelessly Powered 3D Printed Bio-hybrid Robot


    Biomimetic soft robot is a research subject with broad application prospect because of its excellent characteristics such as autonomous energy supply, high energy conversion rate and self-repair. Combining flexible electronic device set with life-like bionic robot to form bio-hybrid softa team of researchers at Harvard Medical School has developed a wirelessly powered biohybrid soft robot. The team used 3D printing to construct multiple layers of a foldable, biocompatible scaffold on a flexible wireless power supply and control circuit, and then inoculated cardiomyocytes onto the scaffold. The circuit receives electrical energy through the wireless coil and transmits it to the stimulation circuit to stimulate the cardiomyocytes. Since the wireless circuit is integrated into the bio-hybrid robot, the robot's underwater mobility is not constrained by the wires. robot can c Read More
  • NASA Will Conduct 3D Printing Experiments on The International Space Station


    On January 19, 2024, Antarctic Bear learned that the Cygnus cargo spacecraft mission at the end of this month will carry out a 3D printing experiment from the European Space Agency (ESA) on the International Space Station (ISS), which is an important study for the verification of 3D printing capabilities in space. Read More
  • BellaSeno Successfully Applied 3D Printing Technology To Repair Bone Damage Caused by Severe Gunshot Wounds


    German medical technology company BellaSeno GmbH has announced that their bioabsorbable stent has been successfully applied to Hannover Medical School through 3D printing technology. This scaffold has an open structure, promotes blood vessel growth, AIDS bone healing, and has anti-infection properties. The team at the Trauma Surgery Clinic at Hannover Medical School successfully used the stent to reconstruct severe bone damage caused by gunshot wounds. Read More

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